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Health and disability support

This information is for current registrants who have a health condition or disability. If you are not yet registered, or are an education provider, our guide on health, disability and becoming a health and care professional may provide support.

We are committed to ensuring that we set up processed that are fair to disabled people and to people whose practise may be affected by their health.



It is your responsibility to inform us if you are aware of a health condition or disability that might affect your practice. However, if you manage your health condition or disability appropriately so that it does not affect your practice, including having a realistic, informed idea of the limits of your safe practice, your registration will not be called into question. Many people living with a disability or health condition can train register and practise safely throughout their career. Often, they will not need to interact with us any more than any other registrant.

You must make changes to how you practise, or stop practising, if your physical or mental health may affect your performance or judgement, or put others at risk for any reason.


We provide our publications in alternative formats free of charge, to support those with aural and visual impairments. The accessible formats include Braille, large print and audio. They are available upon request.

To make a request, please contact our Publishing team with the title of the publication, the format you would like to receive it in, and your contact details.

Although we can’t change our registration requirements, as these exist to protect the public and apply equally to all our registrants, if your disability prevents you from following our procedures we can make adjustments to them within reasonable limits.

To request an adjustment, please contact our Registration team with your registration details, details of your health condition or disability, and the procedure in question.

Contact our Registration team

We believe that disabled people have an important contribution to make to the professions we regulate, and have unique experiences which would be of benefit to service users and carers.
We want to encourage people with the desire and potential to become health and care professionals to consider education and training and a career in a profession which we regulate.

This guidance sets out relevant disability law and the process of becoming a health and care professional.

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Still have a question about registration?

For more information on any aspect of your registration, please contact our Registration team.

Tel: 44 (0)300 500 4472 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

Page updated on: 07/08/2018