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Why we charge fees

HCPC is not funded by the NHS or the Department of Health. We are a financially independent institution, which is crucial for maintaining fair standards for the professions we regulate.

The law states that we can only seek funding from our registrants. We can apply for grants from the Department of Health to help us with start-up costs (the Department of Health funded our consultation in summer 2002, for example), but after the first few years this option dries up.

How the funds from fees are used

The money from fees is distributed differently across the organisation. This is because every year, different numbers of professionals join and leave the Register, meaning we receive a different amount of funding every year. 

Our financial statements, showing where the funds have been allocated, are published every year in our annual report. These are checked and scrutinised by the National Audit Office before they are published.

Read our Annual Report

Still have a question about fees and tax?

For more information about fees, please contact our Registration team:

Page updated on: 05/07/2018