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Standards of proficiency

The professional standards all registrants must meet in order to become registered, and remain on the Register

What is the role of the standards of proficiency

  • they set out the threshold standards we consider necessary to protect the public (unique to each of our registered professions)
  • they set clear expectations of our registrants’ knowledge and abilities when they start practising
  • registrants must continue to meet the standards of proficiency that apply to their scope of practice
  • HCPC approved programmes equip graduates to meet these standards
  • they outline what service users and the public should expect from their health and care professional 
  • we use them if someone raises a concern about a registrant’s practice

View the standards of proficiency for your chosen profession:

Arts therapists

Biomedical scientists

Chiropodists / podiatrists

Clinical scientists


Hearing aid dispensers

Occupational therapists

Operating department practitioners




Practitioner psychologists

Prosthetists / orthotists


Speech and language therapists

Reviewing the standards of proficiency

We keep our standards under continual review, to look at how they are working and check whether they continue to reflect current practice. We also conduct a periodic review of the standards every five years.

We are currently in the early stages of reviewing the Standards of proficiency for all of our professions. This means that we are seeking feedback on the standards to highlight any areas that may need updating.

We hope to hold a public consultation on the standards during Summer 2020, but this is subject to COVID-19. This will be an opportunity for anyone to provide their comments on the Standards of proficiency.

We will publicise any changes to the standards that we make by, for instance, publishing notes on our website and informing professional bodies.

Page updated on: 14/06/2018