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Everything you need to know about joining, renewing and leaving the HCPC Register

Latest service information 

Service update: Registration

  • Processing applications is a priority for us. We will strive to achieve our normal processing times, however, we are subject to limited access to incoming post, so please bear with us.

  • Registrants will understandably be concerned about how they can keep up to date with CPD or have time to submit profiles if chosen for audit at this time.

    Individuals should comply with their CPD obligations, where time allows and if it is possible to do so.

    In the current circumstances, our Council has taken the decision to cancel the audit process for Physiotherapists and Art Therapists. We have since sent out a written confirmation of this to those selected for CPD. If you are not one of these professions and have a previous CPD audit which is outstanding that you would like to query, please email

    We will update this page with further details about what this means shortly.

  • We will continue with our planned renewal timelines, but with extra flexibility understanding the pressures our registrants will be under.  

  • Please do not telephone us at this time, but instead email our team at and we will respond as soon as we can.

Advice and service information for registrants