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My COVID-19 story - Christana Akinremi

Christana Akinremi is a HCPC registered occupational therapist who has worked within NHS community services in southeast London.


Employers, including those who manage, supervise or lead the work of HCPC registered professionals, play a key role providing a number of functions, including checking their employees’ registration

Fitness to practise FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the HCPTS and fitness to practise hearings

Why your registration matters

Our primary purpose is to protect the public, but there are benefits to being a regulated profession

Brexit - Information for professionals

Information on the changes to our registration processes from 1 January 2021 and how they might impact the members of HCPC's professions

Registrant data and statistics

Information on our registrants, including breakdown by profession

Education data and reports

Insight into our work in approving and monitoring programmes offered by UK education providers

Registration FAQs

Some of the questions we most frequently get asked by registrants

Other regulators

We work closely with the other UK health regulators to share best practice

The standards of proficiency for practitioner psychologists

The standards of proficiency that practitioner psychologists must meet in order to join, and remain on, the HCPC Register. 

The standards of proficiency for radiographers

The standards of proficiency that radiographer must meet in order to join, and remain on, the HCPC Register. 

Your details

How to manage and update your details on our secure system

The Investigating Committee

The Committee's role is to meet to consider all evidence put before them and decide whether there is a case to answer in respect of the allegation against the registrant