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Performance review - more information

Our performance review process is designed to be carried out over a period of around 4 months from portfolio submission, with specific interactions defined as the process progresses (considering stakeholder availability).

The review looks on provider reflection, within a number of areas:

  • Institution self-reflection
  • Current sectoral thematic reflection
  • Sector body assessment reflection
  • Profession specific reflection
  • Stakeholder feedback and actions
  • Data and intelligence

We do not review changes to standards, or assess how standards are met in and of themselves (this is what we do through the approval process).

We explore themes across the entirety of the provision rather than in isolation, meaning we deal with cross-provision themes consistently and without repeated effort.

We will also explore profession specific issues where it is valid to do so – ie when it only impacts on a specific profession or programme rather than across the whole institution.

Performance review process outcomes

  • To provide a full and detailed assessment of the institution’s performance – reporting does not simply focus on issues or exceptions.

    To provide reasoning for the final recommendations made by the visitors.

  • Whether the institution and its programmes should remain approved.

    When we should next undertake the performance review process (from 1-5 years).

Page updated on: 06/09/2021