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Protecting the health and safety of others

We expect our registrants to take all reasonable steps to reduce risk of harm, and to maintain a safe practice environment

The Standards of conduct, performance and ethics state you must:

Identify and minimise risk

You must take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm to service users, carers and colleagues as far as possible. (6.1)

You must not do anything, or allow someone else to do anything, which could put the health or safety of a service user, carer or colleague at unacceptable risk. (6.2)

Manage your health

You must make changes to how you practise, or stop practising, if your physical or mental health may affect your performance or judgement, or put others at risk for any other reason. (6.3)

The Standards of Proficiency also require registrants to:

Understand the need to establish and maintain a safe practice environment (15)

This will page house resources for registrants on meeting these standards. For now, please see this related content:

Page updated on: 24/03/2021