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Continuously improve and innovate

Aim: To improve our performance against PSA standards of good regulation and to innovate across all our regulatory functions to provide an enhanced user experience.

In 2021-22 we will further this aim by:


Improving our Fitness to Practise performance

We have not met the PSA’s FtP standards for a number of years.  Improving our performance is our most pressing priority this year. This means improving the quality and pace of our management of FtP cases. Our Council has approved an ambitious FtP Improvement Plan along with significant funding to accelerate our improvement. The detail of this plan is here.

We will achieve:

  • Improved age profile of cases at each stage of our FtP process.
  • Improved quality of investigations and decisions
  • Improved relationships with key FtP stakeholders and a more compassionate approach


Delivering online registration

In 2020 we launched our new Registration IT system. In 2021-22 we will embed this new system and build on the foundations of this platform to enhance our registrants experience and enable greater efficiency through progressing a fully online application process.

We will also use this opportunity to increase the proportion of EDI and workforce data we hold for our registrants to improve our understanding of our registrants.

We will achieve:

  • Improved customer experience by making progress on the transition to fully online registration
  • Increased EDI and workforce data capture


A new Education Quality Assurance Model

In 2020-21 we launched a pilot of a new model for assuring the quality of education programmes.

The new model aims to deliver proportionate and flexible regulatory action through a more intelligent use of data and a risked based approach to education programme assurance.

In 2021-22 we will assess the outcomes of our pilot with the aim, if successful, of agreeing to full implementation of the model by the end of the year.

We will achieve:

  • Flexible, intelligent, data led and risk based education programme assurance

Read more on the new Education Quality Assurance Model

Page updated on: 25/03/2021