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Develop insight and exert influence

Aim: Learning from data and research to inform our decision making and share insights to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well-being of the public

In 2021-22 we will further this aim by:


Delivering leadership in regulatory policy development

In 2020, we initiated a project to identify any regulatory challenges or risks presented by registrants’ advancing their practice, and how the HCPC should respond to these to ensure public protection and to support our registrants’ professionalism and good practice.

In 2021, we will use the intelligence gathered through research and engagement to stakeholders to determine what our approach should be.

This year, we will begin to develop our thought leadership programme focussing on the importance of regulatory reform, the benefits of multi-profession regulation, importance of professionalism & prevention, and the value of statutory regulation as well as our role in supporting the workforce development agendas across the four nations.

We will achieve:

  • Leading approaches to managing patient safety risk
  • Begin to be seen as thought leaders on professional regulation
  • Stakeholder feedback will inform changes to our regulatory approaches


Developing our data, analytics and reporting ability

In 2020, we established the Insights & Intelligence function. In 2021-22, we will produce an insight and intelligence framework which sets out our approach to analysing our regulatory data and understanding the trends so we can act on them.

A priority will be to undertake internal analysis of the FtP data we hold, including identifying risk areas and trends, for example regional trends, profession-specific, length of service and/or links to CPD. In this year, it will include scoping the research and analysis which can be used to inform a project to address the findings.

To support this, we will build an organisational data model that allows us to bring our data together in a format that enables us to consistently report on all dimensions of HCPC performance and provide insight for prevention, FtP, EDI, education, wellbeing and regulatory reform.

We will achieve:

  • Identified and assessed the risks that arise from the different kinds of practice we regulate
  • Develop a platform to provide a single reporting view of registrants, educators and FtP cases
Page updated on: 25/03/2021