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Preventing small problems from becoming big problems in health and care

This report aims to develop a quantitative approach to assessing professionalism in paramedics, and to revise an existing professionalism scale for use more widely to facilitate learning on professionalism amongst health and care professionals.

Education annual report 2015

This annual report contains statistical information, analysis on sector developments, key trends and their causes

Education annual report 2014

This annual report contains statistical information, analysis on sector developments, key trends and their causes

Standards of conduct, performance and ethics - Connect review

This consultation sought to enable people living with aphasia and their carers to be meaningfully involved in evaluating the standards of conduct, performance and ethics set by HCPC and to provide feedback, based on their own experiences, which may inform changes to the standards.

Fitness to practise annual report 2013

This report provides information about the HCPC’s work in considering allegations about the fitness to practise of HCPC registrants.

Service user involvement in the design and delivery of education and training programmes leading to registration with the Health Professions Council

This research aims to examine available evidence regarding the use and impact of service user feedback tools in healthcare, and explore the views of people within relevant professional bodies.

Mediation research

This report explores the views of key audiences on the potential use and value of mediation within the HPC's regulatory regime. 

Expectations of the fitness to practise complaints process

This qualitative study aimed to explore expectations of the role of the HPC as a regulator, initial expectations when preparing and lodging a complaint, case handling and the outcome of the fitness to practise process.

Continuing fitness to practise - Towards an evidence-based approach to revalidation

The second in a series of research reports on the regulation of the health professions registered with the HPC. 

Approvals and monitoring annual report 2007

This report aims to give an insight into the HPC’s work in approving and monitoring programmes offered by UK education providers. 

Review of the grandparenting process

The Health Professions Council’s review of the grandparenting process. We have produced this document because it is important that as an organisation we assess how effectively we have achieved our aims. We have tried to do this is in a balanced way, including statistics and testimonials from some of those who were involved in, or affected by, the process.