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Become a Partner

Providing the expertise the HCPC needs for its decision making.


Partners are independent contractors and are not HCPC employees. They provide the expertise across a variety of different roles and can be filled by people with different experience and qualifications, from members of the public to qualified lawyers and solicitors, as well as health and care professionals on our Register.

Benefits of becoming a Partner

HCPC Partners play a crucial role in setting and maintaining professional standards in a variety of different fields.

As a registrant Partner you will:

  • gain a better understanding of the work your regulator does;
  • get insight into our processes;
  • and are able to take this knowledge back to your workplace.

Help us to fulfil our role to ensure that our registrants are working within safe and competent boundaries. Healthcare regulation is an important element of public protection and can impact you and your family at any given time.

Page updated on: 10/07/2018