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Focus on creating a good culture

The details below expand on the delivery elements of preceptorship principle 1

Principle 1 - Organisational culture & preceptorship

Preceptorship is a structured programme of professional support and development designed to improve registrant confidence as they transition into any new role.

Preceptorship contributes to an organisational culture in which registrants are supported to achieve their potential whilst delivering safe and effective care and treatment.

Effective preceptorship should:

a) be embedded in the organisation’s workforce and organisational systems to enable preceptee access and engagement;

b) comply with equality legislation and take account of national and local equality, diversity and inclusion policies;

c) provide opportunities for preceptees to develop confidence and to support their future career;

d) prioritise preceptee and preceptor health and wellbeing; and

e) promote a culture of learning, self-reflection and safe practice.


What this means in practice for HCPC registrants

  • Preceptorship should be an essential part of an organisation’s learning and development infrastructure. For registrants working in larger organisations preceptorship may be provided by a preceptorship team or lead. For registrants working for smaller organisations or independently this may mean obtaining external support.
  • Preceptorship should be offered to everyone who requests or needs it. A registrant’s need for preceptorship may be identified by them or by their employer
  • Preceptorship should focus on enabling preceptees to develop into a new role or situation, to develop professional confidence and meet the HCPC’s Standards, including CPD requirements.
  • Preceptorship should encompass health and well-being support, ensuring preceptees and preceptors are supported and able to address any well-being challenges, in line with the HCPC expectations of registrants to maintain their health and well-being. 
  • Preceptorship should accommodate any reasonable adjustments needed by preceptees with protected characteristics, such as giving additional time or providing equipment needed to complete a programme

Supporting delivery of preceptorship principles

The details below expand on the delivery elements of the preceptorship principles, and are provided to support preceptees, preceptors, and those running and evaluating preceptorship programmes. 

  1. Focus on creating a good culture
  2. Focus on ensuring high quality
  3. Focus on being a preceptee
  4. Focus on being a preceptor
  5. Focus on tailoring outputs
Page updated on: 30/11/2023