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Focus on being a preceptee

The details below expand on the delivery elements of preceptorship principle 3

Principle 3 - Preceptee empowerment

Preceptorship should be tailored to the individual preceptee, their role and their work environment. Preceptorship should not retest clinical competence but instead, empower the preceptee to reflect on what they bring to their role and identify support needed to develop their professional confidence.

Effective preceptorship should provide registrants’ with:

a) access to a preceptorship programme which instils the importance of continuing professional development;

b) appropriate resources and guidance to develop confidence and support continuing professional development;

c) a tailored programme of support and learning reflecting individual needs;

d) an identified preceptor for the duration of their preceptorship; and

e) autonomy to influence the duration and content of their preceptorship in partnership with their preceptor, others in their organisation and wider professional networks.


What this means in practice for HCPC registrants

  • Preceptorship programmes should underpin registrants’ CPD activities and support them in meeting their regulatory obligations.
  • Preceptorship programmes should be designed to enable flexibility of offer for each preceptee, including how and when they access support.
  • Preceptorship programmes should connect to development plans that support registrants to continue their professional learning beyond the preceptorship period.
  • Preceptorship programmes should encourage and support preceptees in becoming preceptors as they progress beyond their own need, to create an onward flow of new preceptors, to ensure there is adequate support for future preceptees.

Supporting delivery of preceptorship principles

The details below expand on the delivery elements of the preceptorship principles, and are provided to support preceptees, preceptors, and those running and evaluating preceptorship programmes. 

  1. Focus on creating a good culture
  2. Focus on ensuring high quality
  3. Focus on being a preceptee
  4. Focus on being a preceptor
  5. Focus on tailoring outputs
Page updated on: 30/11/2023