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Glossary of terms

The following terms are defined in the context of preceptorship

Glossary of terms

  • The abilities and knowledge that enable an employee to safely and effectively manage tasks required by their role.

  • The way in which HCPC registrants continue to learn and develop throughout their careers so they keep their skills and knowledge up to date and are able to practise safely and effectively.

  • Processes used by organisations and teams to introduce someone into a new organisation or role.

  • Learning that brings together health and care professionals from a range of different professional groups.

  • A period of structured support provided to HCPC registrants at key moments of career transition. This includes joining the workforce for the first time, returning to work after a long period away (including being re-admitted to the Register), working in the UK for the first time, taking up a new role, or moving to a new organisation, to give them confidence to act as an autonomous practitioner.

  • An individual accessing a period of preceptorship.

  • An individual providing one-to-one support to someone undertaking preceptorship.

  • Learning that is focused on the knowledge and capabilities required for a specific HCPC- regulated profession.

  • The supporting structure underpinning the delivery of preceptorship for health and care workers, including the support for preceptors.

  • Internal and external factors, such as funding or staffing shortages, that may impact on the day-to-day delivery of preceptorship.

  • Support that is adapted to an individual health and care worker's needs as required.

  • Changes in a registrant’s employment situation that can benefit from support, such as being a newly qualified trainee, returning to work after parental leave, coming to work in the UK from abroad, taking up a new role, or moving to a new organisation.

  • Support provided by the same profession and focused on profession-specific issues.

Page updated on: 30/11/2023