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Preceptorship for registrants working outside the NHS, including as sole practitioners

We recognise that many HCPC registrants are employed or work outside the NHS structures, where preceptorship is less well known and may be more difficult to access.

While preceptorship is not a requirement for HCPC registration, there is a wealth of evidence that providing it, as described in our Principles, is beneficial to individual registrants professional practice and well-being, and supports organisation’s in recruiting and retaining staff.

The information below is provided to support registrants in considering what options are available to access or support preceptorship.

Working in organisations delivering health and care services

For those working for commercial or voluntary/charitable organisations the Principles could be used to make a business case for providing preceptorship. In organisations with large numbers of registrants the generic guidance and documentation provided by country level organisations will be helpful to establishing and running preceptorship programmes.

Similarly, in organisations employing HCPC registrants from specific professions the information and guidance provide by the relevant professional body will be suitable (see next section).

Working in organisations delivering non-health and care services

For those working in organisations not focused on providing health and care services, the Principles could similarly be used to make a business case for providing preceptorship.

It is likely in these circumstances that preceptorship programmes would need to be managed by personnel or learning development functions, again using relevant national guidance or where available profession specific guidance produced by professional bodies (see following sections).

Working independently

For those working independently, whether in health and care provision or other sectors, it is unlikely that there will be accessible organisation preceptorship programmes already in place. In recognition of this situation the HCPC will be working with stakeholders to understand how best to provide support in the future.

Some of the programmes provided by professional bodies may be helpful for individual registrants (see profession specific information section), and where appropriate could be used to develop ‘preceptorship communities’ to bring together registrants willing to provide preceptorship support and those needing it.

Page updated on: 30/11/2023