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Focus on tailoring outputs

The details below expand on the delivery elements of preceptorship principle 5

Principle 5 - Delivering preceptorship programmes

Preceptorship programmes should reflect the differences in routes to registration, range and intensity of previous practice experiences, and the variety of services and settings in which registrants work.

These principles apply to all registrants working in any health or social care setting across UK, including but not limited to, the NHS, the social care sector, and the independent and charitable sectors.

Preceptorship programmes should:

a) be tailored to take account of the environment the individual preceptee is working in;

b) be flexible to support various types of transition in a timely way;

c) have flexibility to deliver common themes of preceptorship in a multi-professional way while ensuring profession specific elements are provided where necessary;

d) have a structured design which describes how the programme delivers success for preceptees;

e) vary in length and content according to the needs of the individual preceptee and the organisation. Individual countries, regions or organisations may set minimum or maximum lengths for preceptorship; and

f) have awareness of, and align with, other profession specific and workforce development programmes..


What this means in practice for HCPC registrants

  • Registrants should be offered preceptorship that reflects their working practices and supports their ongoing development, both immediate and long-term.
  • Preceptorship programmes should help registrants to connect their preceptorship with their professional needs and regulatory obligations.
  • Preceptorship programmes should link with other development programmes and opportunities made available to registrants, such as professional development or management training courses. Where practicable they may also be used to create peer networks to support registrants in their daily practice.

Supporting delivery of preceptorship principles

The details below expand on the delivery elements of the preceptorship principles, and are provided to support preceptees, preceptors, and those running and evaluating preceptorship programmes. 

  1. Focus on creating a good culture
  2. Focus on ensuring high quality
  3. Focus on being a preceptee
  4. Focus on being a preceptor
  5. Focus on tailoring outputs
Page updated on: 30/11/2023