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Make an international application

Applications for international registration are now online, with the exception of a few circumstances. We'll accept and review paper applications that reach us before 6 May 2022. 

Before you begin

Before starting an application, make sure you are able to apply online. This will be you if you are not one of the following:

  • A Swiss citizen (please use the SMR application form)
  • An individual with refugee status (please see How to apply)
  • An individual who requires a paper form for accessibility reasons (please see How to apply)
  • An international applicant who has already sent in their paper application form (your application will already be in the queue for processing)*  

* If you are an international applicant electing to send in a paper form, please note that we won't be reviewing paper applications received after Friday 6 May 2022. We ask that you make your application online instead. 


Before you begin your application, you'll also need to make sure you prepare your documentation and have a good understanding of our standards. 

Before starting your application, you'll need to read the following documents. This will make sure you understand the questions being asked in the form.

When you make your application, you'll be asked to upload documents that confirm your details, skills and qualifications.

You can find further explanations of these, and information on how they should be certified, in the international applications guidance.

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identity
  • Change of name document (if applicable)
  • Certificate(s) for your qualification(s)
  • Course information form for your qualification (certification by university or training institution needed)
  • English language test certificate (if English is not your first language)

Make an international application

To apply for registration as an international applicant, make sure you've read the guidance and collected all the necessary documentation you'll need to upload. Then use the link below to start a new online application. 

When asked for the application type, make sure you select International.

What happens next?

After you submit your application and pay the scrutiny fee, we will begin the review as soon as possible. We’re receiving high numbers of international applications at the moment so it is taking us longer than usual to review them.

We will email you as soon as we start to review your application.

We’ll also email you if we require any further information or documentation to continue your application.

Page updated on: 12/10/2018