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Please use this section to tell us about your professional experience

You should provide as much detail as possible, to help us determine whether you meet the HCPC standards of proficiency.

Provide information in chronological order

The information should be provided in chronological order, with your most recent experience first. Please explain any significant gaps (of six months or more) in your career history.

Include professional contact details 

For each place where you worked, you must provide us with the name and contact details of your supervisor or manager. We will contact them to verify the information provided.

Any address or email address you provide for a supervisor or manager must be a professional or business address. We don't accept private postal or email addresses.

Add supporting references

In addition to this information, you must provide references in support of your application. They should be written by someone who has been your supervisor, or otherwise responsible for you in a professional capacity.

Upload your professional experience

You can upload any supporting professional experience documents in this section.

You must provide us with information of at least one example of your professional experience.

Making sure you provide all necessary details as listed above is crucial to avoid any delays in your application process.

Page updated on: 13/07/2022