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Assessing your education, training and experience

What happens at this stage of the process?

If your application is complete, we'll assess the evidence you've provided about your education and training and any other relevant experience you've told us about in your application. This step runs alongside the verification checks.

Your application will be sent to two assessors from the part of the Register you are applying to. They'll consider all of the information you've submitted before making their recommendation.

First, they'll compare your regulated education and training with our standards of proficiency. If they identify shortfalls, they'll look if these have been made up through any other relevant education, training or experience. They will then send a recommendation to us. We will review this recommendation and send our decision to you.

The decision you receive at this stage is referred to as your first decision. This could be that you're accepted onto the Register, that your application is refused, or that the assessors require further information in order to see if the standards of proficiency can be met.

Please note that we can only base our decision on the information provided in the application. We don't contact referees, training institutions, or employers to obtain further information about your training or work experience.

How long does this part of the process take?

We currently have a high volume of applications going through this part of the process.

At the moment, it takes us around 3 months to assess your application and notify you of a first decision, following the receipt of your complete application.

Our service standard is 3 months, but we're working hard and making improvements to bring this timescale down in the future.

What happens next?

You'll receive an update by email on your first decision once we've received and reviewed the recommendation from the panel.

This includes a copy of your Record of Assessment which gives an explanation on the decision taken and details on any further information required where applicable. 

Page updated on: 13/07/2022