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How we work

Council and committees

The Council is responsible for developing and monitoring strategy and policy for the HCPC, and ensuring that the organisation fulfils its function. It consists of 12 members (made up of six registrant and six lay members), led by the Chair. It is supported by statutory and non-statutory committees, which establish and monitor standards of education and training and to deal with fitness to practise issues. 

Our organisation

Our organisation is overseen by HCPC Interim Chief Executive John Barwick. A staff team handles the day-to-day running of HCPC.

The organisation’s key areas are:

  • Registration
  • Fitness to Practise
  • Education
  • Policy and Standards
  • Communications
Raising awareness

We distribute public information materials to raise service users’ awareness of the HCPC to the following organisations on an annual basis:

  • GP surgeries
    To the Practice Managers in 6,000 GP surgeries across the UK. We ask surgeries to display HCPC leaflets to raise awareness amongst patients.
  • Patient Advisory and Liaison Services (PALS)
    To NHS PALS Mangers in PCTs, hospitals, ambulance trusts, mental health trusts and community healthcare trusts. We ask that our posters and leaflets are displayed where appropriate and that details of our fitness to practise process are available for service users who have concerns.
  • Pharmacies
    To 22,000 pharmacies. We ask pharmacies to display HCPC leaflets to raise awareness among customers.

Public information pack

Get involved

There are many ways you can be part of our mission to protect the public.

Ways to get involved

  • We run open consultations when we are planning a new area of work, or planning to change the way that we do something.

    Current consultations

  • HCPC Partners play a crucial role in setting and maintaining professional standards in different fields. Partners can be registrants or laypeople.

    Partner vacancies

  • Our Council and committees are made up of both registrants and laypeople. Together, they determine the strategic direction of HCPC.

    Council and committee vacancies

  • The organisational side of HCPC is always willing to welcome talented individuals who are interested In helping the work we do.

    Current vacancies

Page updated on: 24/10/2018