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Be visible, engaged and informed

Aim: We regulate, take and communicate decisions which are informed by a deep understanding of the environment within which our registrants, employers and education providers operate

In 2021-22 we will further this aim by:


Developing effective mechanisms to reach all stakeholders

We will continue our commitment to extensive and far-reaching communications through multiple channels. This includes more direct communications with registrants, one-to-one meetings and roundtable discussions with professional bodies, partners and unions, thought leadership via blogs, opinion pieces and press, as well as promoting our activities through social media.

This will ensure that all our stakeholders see us as a leading voice for multi-profession regulation, providing evidence-based contributions on professional standards and public protection.

We will implement personal engagement plans for our Chair and Chief Executive which will strengthen our relationships and ensure regular engagement with key stakeholders such as ministers, officials, government agencies and parliamentarians. 

We will continue to develop our close relationships with the governments and stakeholders of the devolved nations, particularly following elections in Wales and Scotland. This will build on the successful engagement in 2020 to promote the role and value of HCPC registrants across the UK’s health services.

We will achieve:

  • Key stakeholders will see greater engagement with HCPC
  • An increased presence and profile
  • Embed a listening approach which sees HCPC regularly engage our stakeholders.


Strengthening our organisational approach to EDI

In 2021, we are determined to take bold action and make firmer commitments to be recognised as an active antidiscriminatory organisation that upholds and promotes best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion.

After analysing the EDI data we collected in our second annual survey, we will increase the volume of registrant EDI data collected at the point of initial registration and renewal.

We will capture diversity data for parties involved in the FtP processes to understand the impact of our regulation on protected groups and make the right interventions to support them. We will establish an EDI Employee Forum so colleagues can input and scrutinise our approach.

We will achieve:

  • Move forward in achieving standard 3 of PSA’s Standards for good regulation
  • Evidence the impact our regulatory processes have on different groups and to use this to inform our decision making
  • Stakeholders are assured that we are doing all we can to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation
Page updated on: 25/03/2021