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Build a resilient, healthy, capable and sustainable organisation

Aim: Employees feel valued and supported, and fully able to contribute. The organisation is resilient and able to quickly adapt to changes in the external environment

In 2021-22 we will further this aim by:

Establishing an agile, compassionate and inclusive culture

We will make a success of our strategy if everyone at the HCPC understands our
vision and their important contribution to it.

We will evaluate our onboarding process and introduce new recruitment processes and induction training.

We will introduce reward and recognition initiatives, that recognise behaviours that best demonstrate our values. Embedding new ways of working and addressing our turnover rates, will also be key priorities.

We will achieve:

  • A defined culture with agreed behaviours which supports improved performance and positive registrant experience
  • Determine how best to use our space to support a collaborative culture.  


Pursuing our Digital Transformation Strategy and building our Change Management capability

Our Council approved an ambitious Digital Transformation Strategy in 2020.

In 2021-22 we will continue to pursue this strategy and roadmap. We will implement new FtP and finance IT systems to improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

We will also maintain a focus on improving our stakeholders’ digital HCPC experience, seeking to increase the reach of our content.  

We will achieve:

  • Enabling FtP and finance IT systems with improvements to registrant experience.
  • Measurable increases in the reach of our content

Download the Digital Transformation Strategy


Ensuring our financial sustainability

The success of our Corporate Strategy depends on our ability to make the financial investments needed and be a financially viable organisation.

We need to ensure that the fees we receive are aligned with the costs necessarily incurred to deliver the services we provide and demonstrate value for money. To do this we must have greater certainty on future fee rates to enable longer term financial and organisational planning.

We also need an appropriate efficiency strategy which ensures that we generate measurable value-for-money efficiencies over the medium term culminating in an efficient and effective organisation at the end of the Corporate Strategy period.

We will achieve:

  • An acceptable Fee Income Strategy
  • A stretching but achievable Efficiency Strategy
Page updated on: 25/03/2021