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Sustainability was also discussed in the consultation. However, a standard on sustainability was not included in the consultation in this review cycle

We will be updating our online materials to provide resources on practising sustainably. We will also be discussing sustainability as part of our review of the Standards of Education and Training in 2024.

We have also committed to creating a dedicated green practice hub on our website to support registrants to practice more sustainably.


We wanted to explore whether it would be appropriate to include a standard on sustainability in future reviews. Although we have agreed that it isn’t appropriate to include a standard at this time, we recognise the importance of incorporating sustainability into our work going forwards and this will inform our upcoming review of the Standards of Education and Training. 

Specific standards:

We do not have a standard on sustainability. The question we asked in the consultation set out to ascertain whether there was support for the introduction of a standard on sustainability in a future review.

Expectations of registrants:

  • There are no new obligations introduced for registrants in relation to sustainability in this review.
  • Registrants will have access to the green practice hub and are encouraged to engage with the available materials. We hope this will help to support registrants to understand the impact of sustainability in health and care and the changes they can make to their practice to be more sustainable.


To support the consultation period, we hosted six workshops. These workshops explored each key theme of the consultation and provided an opportunity to ask questions about the revisions we have made.

You can watch a recording of the sustainability workshop below.

Page updated on: 09/10/2023