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Education annual reports

Our reports provide an insight into how we approve and monitor programmes throughout the year

Customer service policy

View our policy for customer service in this section

Fitness to practise decisions

The customer service process is designed for addressing complaints you may have about the service we provide

Promote your registration

Our guidelines for letting service users know you are a registered professional


Committees advise and assist the Council

What it means to make a professional declaration

Your professional declaration confirms that you continue to be fit to practise and meet our standards

Interim orders

How we deal with serious cases during an investigation

Registered professionals

We can only consider concerns about a professional who is registered with us and their fitness to practise effectively

Misuse of title

Anyone not on our Register who uses a designated title may be breaking the law and could be prosecuted

Other organisations

There are a number of other regulatory organisations in the UK which regulate health and care professionals

Practising outside the UK

What to do if you're planning on practising abroad

UK applications

Information for applicants who trained in the UK

Standards for podiatric surgery

Our expectations of education providers delivering training in podiatric surgery and of chiropodists / podiatrists who complete this training