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Focus on being a preceptee

Supporting information which expands on the delivery elements of Preceptorship Principle 3 - Preceptee empowerment

Focus on being a preceptor

Supporting information which expands on the delivery elements of Preceptorship Principle 4 - Preceptor role

Differences between preceptorship and other forms of support

Information about other forms of support which may underpin or connect with preceptorship but should not be viewed as being equivalent to it.

Preceptorship for internationally recruited registrants

For HCPC registrants who have come to work in the UK via our international registration route, preceptorship can provide a way to support acculturation to both their new working environment and to living in the UK.

Profession specific information

Details of professional bodies who have produced profession specific guidance or information on preceptorship or related work.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Changes align with amendments made to the standards of proficiency in our recent review to strengthen our commitment to EDI.

Duty of candour

Our changes set out a process for registrants to follow when things go wrong which better aligns with our guidance.

Upskilling and training responsibilities

Our changes provide further guidance around scope of practice and highlight the need to make sure registrants have the knowledge, skills and experience to practise safely and effectively. 

Managing existing health conditions and disabilities in the workplace

We think that it’s important to further clarify within the standards that registrants do not need to stop practising simply because they have a physical or mental health condition.

Closure of the COVID-19 Temporary Register

The COVID-19 Temporary Register will close on the 31 March 2024.

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 2024: Service availability and how to contact us

During this time our phone lines, email inboxes and social media will not be actively monitored.

Retention rates of first time HCPC international registrants 2013 to 2018

This report examines the retention rate for HCPC registrants who joined our Register via the international registration route.