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Dual registration

What dual registration is

Some individuals will need to be registered under more than one ‘part’ of the HCPC Register, or with two different regulatory bodies. There are currently 15 parts to the HCPC Register – one part for each profession we regulate. The reason we use the term ‘parts’ is because there is more than one protected title for some professions.

For example, if an individual is registered as a paramedic and a physiotherapist, they are dual registered and must pay two registration fees. If an individual is registered as an arts therapist and a music therapist they are not dual registered as these protected titles belong to the same part of the register and only one registration fee is paid.


Dual registration situations

If you are practising using more than one protected title that fall under different parts of the HCPC Register you must be dual registered.

For example, if a registered physiotherapist undertook further study to become a qualified chiropodist, they would need to be dual registered in order to practise as both a physiotherapist and a chiropodist.


Registration with two different regulatory bodies

If you are practising using more than one protected title, and either one of those falls under different regulator, then you must be registered with both.

For example, individuals who practice as a registered nurse and occupational therapist must be on both the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Register and the HCPC Register.

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CPD for dual registration holders

Our CPD standards require registrants to undertake CPD that is relevant to their current or future practice. If you are dual registered with the HCPC we would not expect you to undertake two different lots of CPD for our purposes, as many of the activities you undertaken may be relevant to both of your registrations. However, you could be selected for CPD audit under either or both professions. If you were audited, you would need to explain in your CPD profile what your current work situation is and how your CPD is relevant to the work you are undertaking.


Still have a question about renewing?

For more information or clarification about renewing your registration, please contact our Registration team:

Page updated on: 11/09/2018