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What should I do if a concern has been raised about me

If you are a member of a union or a professional body, you should contact them

The unions and professional bodies know our fitness to practise process well and are a good source of advice and support. They may also be able to offer legal support. Alternatively, you may wish to seek independent legal advice.

There are support organisations, such as the Samaritans, which can give you emotional support if you need it.

Communicating with us during the investigation process

Communicating with us, especially with the help of an advisor, will make sure that your views are taken into account during the fitness to practise process. How you respond to any concerns raised about you are important factors in a panel’s assessment of whether your fitness to practise is impaired, should a case reach that stage. It may also help us decide whether a full contested hearing is required. Your early involvement in the process helps us to know whether there are any other issues, such as health concerns, that may need to be taken into account.

To make sure that you receive correspondence from us it is important that we have your up-to-date contact details. You can update your address or other contact details through your online account. Alternatively you can contact our Registrations team who will be able to assist with changes to your contact details.

We appreciate that the fitness to practise process can be stressful. You may appoint a representative to act on your behalf during the process, such as from your union or professional body, a legal advisor or a friend or family member. If we have your consent to do so, we can communicate with your representative directly.

Continuing to work in your profession

You can continue to practise while we investigate your case unless we have imposed an Interim Order on your registration. An Interim Order may place restrictions on your practice or prevent you from practising altogether. We will tell you if we intend to apply for an Interim Order.

You cannot remove yourself from our Register while there is an ongoing fitness to practise investigation.

Page updated on: 14/01/2019