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We recognise that the fitness to practise process can be a stressful experience so we try to make our process as open and clear as possible

What you can expect from us during an investigation

We investigate all cases objectively and independently and do not take the side of either you or the person who raised the concerns.

We will treat you fairly and explain what will happen at each stage of the process.

We assign a case manager to each case. Their role is to manage the case throughout the process and to gather relevant information. The case manager acts as a contact for everyone involved in the case and will keep you up to date with the progress of the investigation. They cannot give you legal advice but they can explain how the process works, what information we require and what panels might consider when making decisions.  

Our brochure What happens if a concern is raised about me provides you with the information you need if a concern is raised about you. It gives you information about the process a case will go through and the possible outcomes.

Keeping you informed 

We try to complete our investigations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We aim to:

  • Have a case considered by the Investigating Committee within eight months of receipt of a concern (if the concern meets our threshold); and
  • Hold a final hearing within nine months of the Investigating Committee panel’s decision that there is a case to answer. 

While these are our aims, the time a case takes to reach the end of the process can vary depending on how complicated the issues are. This can affect the type of investigation we need to carry out. Each stage of the process may take a shorter or longer period of time.

Your case manager will write to you regularly to keep you informed of the progress of the case.

Reasonable adjustments

We aim for our processes to be fair and inclusive, and appreciate that everyone has different needs.

If you require any adjustments for example to the format of documents (such as braille, enlarged print or electronic formats) or to address specific learning difficulties or health issues, please inform your case manager as soon as possible.

Page updated on: 14/01/2019