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What happens if a concern about me goes to a hearing

If the Investigating Committee decides there is a case to answer, the case will go forward for a final hearing. At the final hearing the case will be heard by a panel acting on behalf of one of these committees.

  • A Conduct and Competence Panel will hear cases concerning misconduct, lack of competence, a conviction or caution, or a determination by another regulatory body.
  • Cases that concern the health of the registrant are heard before a Health Panel.
  • For cases concerning an incorrect or fraudulent Register entry, an Investigating Panel will hear the case.

Visit the Health and Care Professional Tribunal Service website to learn more.

Your role in the process 

We will ask that you prepare the information on which you would like to relay on and submit to us at least 28 days before the hearing.

We will usually ask solicitors to prepare the case for us and to act for us at the hearing.  After the case is prepared, we will share with you all information we plan to relay on at the hearing. We will share with you the information at least 42 days before the hearing. Our evidence may include a witness statement from the person who originally raised the concern.  They may also need to come to a hearing to give evidence.

Keeping you informed

Depending on complexity of the case, it can take some time for a case to reach a hearing. It is difficult for us to provide specific guidance on timings because every case is different. Your case manager will write to you regularly to keep you informed of the progress of the case.

Reasonable adjustments

We appreciate that attending hearings can be stressful. We aim to hold hearings in a fair and inclusive manner and appreciate that everyone has different needs.

If you require any adjustments to the format of documents (such as braille, enlarged print or electronic formats) please inform the Tribunal Service team at least four weeks before the hearing so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

If you require assistance when you are at the hearing to help you read documents or understand the hearing (such as an interpreter, specific learning difficulties adjustments) or have mobility issues, please contact us when you are first asked to attend and we can discuss your needs and ensure that appropriate adjustments are put in place

Page updated on: 03/09/2018