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Welsh language scheme

How we deliver services to Welsh speaking members of the public

The HCPC is committed to offering services to the public in Wales in the language of their choice.

We adopt a “principle of equality” in the conduct of public business in Wales, meaning we will treat English and Welsh languages equally. 

Our Welsh language scheme sets out how we will ensure we meet this principle. This includes:

  • recording on our registration system if a registrant has specifically requested to receive any correspondence in Welsh;
  • handling postal correspondence within the same service levels as correspondence received in English; and
  • providing a telephone translation service for calls received in a language other than English or offering the caller the option of continuing their call in English or putting their query in writing.

Want to know more? You can read the full scheme below.

On-going review of the scheme 

In 2015 we prepared a comprehensive evaluation report which assessed and evaluated our performance in implementing the scheme since its inception. This report was considered by the HCPC Council and forwarded to the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office. The report, together with an accompanying implementation plan of key priorities under the scheme for the period 2015–17, is available below.

We have not since reviewed the scheme. This is because we understand the scheme will be replaced by Welsh language standards.

We look forward to working with the Welsh Language Commissioner in considering what standards should ultimately be made applicable to the HCPC. In the meantime we will continue to implement the existing scheme and monitor its implementation.

We also report annually on our progress to the HCPC Council and the Welsh Language Commissioner. You can download the latest report below.

Welsh language on our website

We are committed to continuing to improve our Welsh language capabilities online. We therefore offer a Welsh language site, which offers translated content where available in the style and format of the English site.

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Page updated on: 10/07/2018