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Attending meetings

Council, committee and public liaison group meetings are public so anyone can attend

Enter our Student Competition

Design a learning session on being open when things go wrong to be in with the chance to win a £300 voucher prize.  

Sale, supply and administration

Local arrangements can be made to allow health and care professionals who are not prescribers to supply or administer medicines

Fitness to practise FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the HCPTS and fitness to practise hearings

FAQs and resources

Further information and guidance to help you determine what is and is not in your scope of practice

Periods of adaptation (POAs)

Information about periods of supervised practice intended to make up for significant shortfalls in an international application

Make an application

Start the process of making your application through the international route

My COVID-19 Story - Luke McAndrew

Luke McAndrew is a recent graduate and newly qualified paramedic.