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Service updates: adapting how we regulate

We recognise this is exceptional and uncertain times for everyone.

Our main objective during this time is to ensure we continue to fulfill our statutory duty to protect the public whilst we take account of current Government and public health guidance, ensure the health of our employees, and provide flexibility and support to our registrants who will be working in ever more demanding circumstances.

We are adapting our ways of working right now. As a result of the measures introduced by the government in response to COVID-19, we have moved all our staff to working from home. This means we are no longer able to answer our main telephone lines and have limited access to our post, and are prioritising email correspondence where possible.

We recognise these are fast changing times, and will do our best to keep you up to date with all the information you need. This page will be updated with further changes as required.

Service update: Registration

  • Processing UK and readmission applications is a priority for us. We will strive to achieve our normal processing times, however, we are subject to limited access to incoming post, so please bear with us.

    We are adapting our ways of working and as such are allowing applications for registration to be sent to us by email.

    Please read the guidance very carefully before sending us your application and take note of the new information included in the application download pack. See here for more information on applying to the Register. 

  • We are working hard to achieve our normal processing times. However, we are subject to limited access to incoming post and this will affect those times. Incoming applications may be subject to delay and we will advise applicants accordingly.

  • Registrants will understandably be concerned about how they can keep up to date with CPD or have time to submit profiles if chosen for audit at this time.

    Individuals should comply with their CPD obligations, where time allows and if it is possible to do so.

    Given the circumstances, our Council had taken the decision to cancel the audit process for physiotherapists and arts therapists. We also did not go ahead with CPD audits for dietitians, chiropodists / podiatrists and hearing aid dispensers.

    If you are not one of the above professions and have a previous CPD audit which is outstanding that you would like to query, please email

    Please note our CPD audits resumed on 1 September 2020 with operating department practitioners, you can find more information as well as tips for completing your audit here.


  • We will continue with our planned renewal timelines, but with extra flexibility understanding the pressures our registrants will be under.

    We have extended the renewal deadlines for the following professions: 

    • Art Therapists: deadline now extended to 30 June 2020
    • Dietitians: deadline now extended to 31 July 2020
    • Chiropodists / podiatrists: deadline now extended to 31 August 2020 
    • Hearing aid dispensers: deadline now extended to 31 August 2020

    We have also written to those select registrants to confirm this in writing.

    More information on how to renew can be found here.

  • You are welcome to contact our Registration team by email to discuss any aspect of your registration. We encourage email as the best way of getting a full response, however more contact options are available on the Registration team's contact page.

Advice and service information for registrants

Service update: Education

  • We have decided to not run physical approval events until at least January 2021. We have contacted education providers offering them the option to postpone their scheduled visit or proceed with a virtual event.

  • We are conscious that education providers will also be managing with less staff through the pandemic. We are happy to be flexible if more time is needed to make annual monitoring submissions.

  • We ask that education providers do not telephone us at this time, but instead email our team at We will get back to providers as soon as we are able.

Service update: Events

  • We will postpone our advertised My Standards events and CPD workshops, but ensure there are online alternatives.

    Once details are finalised we will be in touch with all those who expressed an interest in attending.

COVID-19 advice for you

Please find frequently asked questions and guidance for you, we will continue to update our information regularly: 

Page updated on: 18/03/2020