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How to log in and renew online

Step-by-step guidance on how to renew online

We launched the new online portal in October 2020. Before you can access it, you will need to activate your account first.

Click here for information on how to activate your account

At the start of the renewal window you will receive correspondence from us within 24 hours of the renewal period opening, please do not attempt to renew before receiving this invitation. If you do not receive any correspondence from us after this period please contact the Registration department

We know that a small group of registrants may experience problems accessing our online system whilst using their work device. If after following the step-by-step guidance below you continue to experience difficulties, we would suggest using a different device and on a different network, such as your home or mobile data from your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Once you have received confirmation from us inviting you to renew, open the 'My account' link on our homepage to access the system, or click here.


  2. Now enter your email and password and click 'Sign in' to proceed.


    The email is the address that we have on file for you and the one in which you received your invitation to renew. The password is the one that you set up when activating your account.

    You will need to activate your access first, otherwise you will not be able to login. If you have not done this please click here.

    If you have forgotten your password, then click the 'Can't access your account?' link and follow the steps to reset it. 


  3. You will now be required to enter a verification code to access your account – you can either have a code sent via SMS to your mobile phone or you can request to be called for authentication.



    If you opt for phone call authentication, you will receive an automated call and will be asked to press the pound key (# key) to verify your access

  4. You will be presented with a notice to confirm your contact details. It is important that your information is up-to-date with us. Check though the information provided and click 'Details Correct' to proceed.


    If you need to update any information, choose the 'Change Details' option and update the required section(s). Note that you can also update these at a later date if required.

  5. You will now be presented with your account homepage. From here you will see a notice in red that your profession is in renewal. Click the 'Click here to review' to continue the process to renew.


    Note in this section you can also see a notice if you have been selected for CPD. For more information on what this means, and what and how to submit as part of your portfolio, click here.

  6. In the next screen you will get a notification on when your renewal is due by. To begin your renewal declaration, answer all the questions within this section. The first is to confirm that you have continued to practised since your last registration.


  7. If you have not continued to practise then you will need to upload any returners to practice evidence to continue. Through the process, you can click the 'Click here for more information' to get guidance on how to proceed.


  8. The next four options you will need to confirm that you have:-

    A) Continued to meet the HCPC’s Standards of proficiency for the safe and effective practice of my profession
    B) Have not had any change relating to your good character
    C) Had any change relating to your health which may affect the ability to practice safely and effectively; or
    D) Continued to meet the HCPC’s standards for continuing professional development


    If you cannot complete any part of the declaration then please get on contact with the Registration department, explaining your circumstances, and they will be able to assist.

  9. For the next question you need to either confirm that you have a professional indemnity arrangement in place which provides appropriate cover; or that you are not practising at the time of my renewal but you understand the requirement to have one in place when you start practising again.


  10. Next is to tick the box to confirm/declare that the information provided by you is true and accurate.


  11. In the next part, you will get a payment breakdown of the renewal fee, over the two years. From here you can also select how you will pay for your fee. You can either pay in full (by credit/debit card) or via four instalments, taken every six months.


    From here, you can select to continue to pay via an existing direct debit. 

    If you select to pay the fee in full, then you will be presented with a WorldPay transaction page, where you can a securely pay for your renewal via credit/debit card.

    If you would like to add a new direct debit to pay by, you will need to return to the account homepage and click ‘My Details’. Once you have added a new direct debit you can return to the renewal page and complete your renewal declaration and payment option.

  12. After you have selected a payment method, click 'Submit Renewal' to complete the process.


  13. Once the payment has been cleared then you will receive confirmation via email to confirm that you have renewed your registration for the next two cycle.


    Note that paying the amount in full via credit/debit card can take up to 24 hours to be added to your account. So keep an eye on your email for the confirmation email to come through. For Direct Debit payment options, you will get a confirmation of renewal ‘awaiting payment’ email after submitting.


    You will then get a further confirmation of renewal email once the payment has been collected.
Page updated on: 23/07/2021