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Registered professionals

We can only consider concerns about a professional who is registered with us and their fitness to practise effectively

Is the professional registered with us?

The 15 professions we regulate have one or more designated titles that are protected by law. Professionals must be registered with us to use them.

View the full list of professions and protected titles

Check if your professional is registered with us

If the professional you would like to raise a concern about is not on our Register and this professional is using one of the titles of the professions we do regulate this is something we can look into. More information about how you can raise a protection of title concern with us can be found in our Misuse of title section.

If the health or care professional you wish to raise a concern about is not one of the professions regulated by the HCPC or if your concern is about an organisation rather than a single individual, this may be something that another regulatory body can look into. More information about other health and care regulators can be found in our Other organisations section.

Because we protect the public we can investigate concerns relating to events that happened at any time, including before the professional was registered. However, the length of time that has passed since the incidents of concern can affect the quality and availability of evidence. We may therefore not be able to proceed with concerns that relate to incidents over five years old. We will consider each case on its own merits. 

Is the concern about the professional’s fitness to practise?

The HCPC’s overarching objectives are

  • to protect and promote the health and safety of the public;
  • to protect and uphold public confidence in the professions we regulate and
  • to set and maintain professional standards and conduct for members of those professions.

The HCPC can only investigate concerns that call into question a registrant’s fitness to practise. This is where there appears to be risk to the safety of service users, colleagues, or the public, or undermine public confidence in the professions we regulate. 

Find out more about fitness to practise

The standards

We set the standards for our registrants to follow.  The standards explain the professional standards we expect all of our registrants to adhere to. When we consider a concern we have received and the information we have obtained during an investigation we will assess whether the matters complained of could amount to a breach of our standards. The standards are as follows:

Fraudulent or incorrect entry to the Register

We can also consider allegations that an entry to our Register was made fraudulently or incorrectly. This might be the case if, for example, a registered professional gave false information when they applied for registration.

Concerns about education providers

The HCPC Education Department considers concerns about education providers including education programmes. If you would like to raise a concern or learn more about this area, please go to the education part of our website.

Page updated on: 14/01/2019