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#myHCPCstandards webinar - standard 2

Communicate appropriately and effectively

This is standard 2 of the standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

What the standard says:

  • Communicate with service users and carers

    2.1 You must be polite and considerate.

    2.2 You must listen to service users and carers and take account of their needs and wishes.

    2.3 You must give service users and carers the information they want or need, in a way they can understand.

    2.4 You must make sure that, where possible, arrangements are made to meet service users’ and carers’ language and communication needs.

    Work with colleagues

    2.5 You must work in partnership with colleagues, sharing your skills, knowledge and experience where appropriate, for the benefit of service users and carers.

    2.6 You must share relevant information, where appropriate, with colleagues involved in the care, treatment or other services provided to a service user.

    Social media and networking websites

    2.7 You must use all forms of communication appropriately and responsibly, including social media and networking websites.

Page updated on: 30/11/2020