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Embedding the revised standards of proficiency

We required that all education providers embedded our revised standards of proficiency (SOPs) from September 2023. We have assessed education provider alignment with the SOPs, and have considered common practices and challenges with this alignment.

#myhcpcstandards: Reflective Practice

This webinar will explore the benefits regular reflection can have on your practice and share examples of some of the ways you can achieve reflective practice.

#myHCPCstandards: ‘Send to all!’ Challenges and opportunities of social media

In this webinar, we'll look at the revisions to the HCPC social media guidance that accompanies the standards of conduct, performance and ethics. This is one of two sessions covering the same topic.

Consultation on the draft Corporate Strategy

We are seeking views from all our stakeholders on this draft vision, and the other key components which make up our draft corporate strategy

#myhcpcstandards: Duty of candour

In this webinar we will explore the duty of candour requirements across the UK, some of the challenges in meeting these requirements and how to overcome these.

Webinar: Future rules for the use of in-person, hybrid and remote hearings

In this webinar we will outline why we have taken the decision to allow the continued use of remote and hybrid hearings to complement the use of in-person hearings within the HCPC tribunal service. We will go through the new principles that will determine the type of hearing and respond or capture all questions from those taking part.

Consultation workshop SCPE duty of candour

This workshop gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the revisions we have made

#myhcpcstandards: Service user engagement

In this webinar we will explore the updated standards' focus on further centralising the service user, and how to integrate these changes into your practice. 

Consultation on Standards for prescribing

We are consulting on proposed changes to the Standards for prescribing.

Health and Wellbeing at Work 2018

The UK’s leading event for improving the health, wellbeing, safety and performance of today’s workforce

Employer Insights webinar - Just a learning culture

A 45-minute session looking at the ideas of 'just culture' and a 'learning culture' in the healthcare workplace, the impact they can have on organisational performance and individual wellbeing, plus how you can reflect on the culture in your own team and organisation. 

#myhcpcstandards: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

In this webinar, we will explore the requirement to recognise the impact of culture, equality and diversity on practice.

Consultation on permanent changes to our Rules to hold remote hearings

We are seeking the views of our stakeholders on our proposal to amend our Rules to give us the express power to hold hearings remotely.

#myhcpcstandards: Technology and digital

In this webinar we will explore the requirement to to utilise technology and digital methods to enhance the care that you provide.