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New online account for HCPC registrants extends online services

28 Oct 2020

As part of on-going improvements to our registration system, we have launched a new online account for registrants.

This will provide you with further online services for maintaining your registration, benefits include:

Simplified access to your account

Based on feedback we have simplified the process for logging into your account, while also ensuring your information is secure by using a familiar two-factor verification process.

To use your new account for the first time, you’ll first need to activate it > 
This is a one off process for those who have not yet used the new system. 

Make online payments

We are moving away from cheques and the need to send paper forms, enabling you to:

  • Make electronic payments
  • Setup and update direct debit instructions


More control of your personal details

We have extended functionality, so you can:

  • Update your contact details
  • Renew your registration (with the added facility to provide information of any health and character declarations)
  • Request changes to your name and gender*
  • Provide information of any health and character declarations
  • Apply for voluntary de-registration
* We would need to review name and gender change requests to make sure the documents provided are appropriate.

Submit your CPD profile

Those registrants selected for CPD audit can submit their profile via the new online account, making it a fully integrated online service.


Page updated on: 28/10/2020