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What happens if my concern meets the threshold criteria for fitness to practise investigations

We will draft allegations based on the relevant information we have gathered

If we consider that our threshold has been met we will draft formal allegations, which will be referred to our Investigating Committee, who will decide if there is a case to answer or not. We may need to gather further information about your concern before the allegations can be drafted.

The allegations will be in a different style to the concern we originally received from you and will only deal with the aspects of the case that amount to an allegation that the registrant’s fitness to practise may be impaired.

We will send the allegation to the registrant, along with a copy of the information we have gathered. This will include the information you have sent us. This is so that the registrant has an opportunity to fully understand and respond to the allegations.

The registrant will have 28 days to provide a response to the allegation that will be put before the Investigating Committee. In some cases we may give them more time. We will not provide you with a copy of any response the registrant send us. This is because they are making their response to the Investigating Committee and not to you. They may also provide personal or sensitive information about their circumstances that it would not be appropriate to share with you. If there are points we need to clarify with you, your case manager will write to you and ask you specific questions.

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Page updated on: 14/01/2019