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Our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

We are currently developing our first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy 2021-2026, with input from our staff, our Council, the HCPC EDI Forum and other key organisations/individuals.

Our EDI Strategy 2021 - 2026 (to be published in early 2021) will build upon what we have already accomplished and will detail our renewed commitment to achieve even more. We will also set out a clear framework for our detailed programme of work through our annual action plans, starting with our Action Plan 2021-2023. 

We seek to be transparent about our challenges, hold ourselves accountable for progress, and set an example to the individuals we regulate. Our main reasons for developing an EDI Strategy are as follows:

  • To send a clear message of the importance of EDI for the Health and Care Professions Council 
  • To strengthen our approach across our stakeholder groups (registrants, Service users, staff, partners) to be more joined-up/consistent 
  • To better understand where issues in fairness and equality arise and swiftly drive forward tangible action and change 
  • To become more proactive, forward thinking, strategic and ambitious, with longer term goals (beyond the year ahead) 
  • To enable a shared understanding of where we want to go/what we want to achieve 
  • To promote awareness of our EDI ambitions and gain buy-in and collaboration with others 
  • To enhance our transparency and accountability for delivery.

Currently, our EDI objectives fall within the four core functions identified in our Corporate Plan 2018 – 2020:


Our EDI objectives

  • 1. To adhere to EDI legislation, meet regulatory standards for EDI and make certain that our practice as a regulator is fair, consistent and free from discrimination.

    2. To be alert and responsive to EDI issues raised in the course of our work and in the regulatory sector and to manage them with integrity.

    3. To appeal to, employ and maintain a diverse HCPC workforce that is reflective of the public we protect.

    4. To promote robust professional values in our registrants by setting clear expectations around EDI in our standards, guidance and communications.

    5. To set standards for education providers that support fair access to and equality of opportunity within the professions that we regulate.


  • 6. To deliver services, events, consultations, communications and publications that are relevant and accessible to all and that promote diverse engagement with us.

    7. To work in partnership with other regulators to explore EDI issues and to ensure that our approach to EDI is contemporary, evolving and rooted in best practice.

    8. To be mindful of diversity throughout the four countries, value and respect unique national perspectives and invite UK-wide participation in our work.


  • 9. To ensure that all Council and Committee processes account for EDI considerations and the HCPC EDI action plan undergoes annual Council review.

10. To ensure that our EDI policies and practice are well embedded, clear and open to feedback from employees and stakeholders.

11. To deliver training in EDI to all our staff and partners, tailored where appropriate to their roles, and promote a culture of understanding and inclusivity among staff.


  • 12. To continue to seek EDI data from those we interact with and be proactive in improving how we collect, analyse and apply EDI data in our corporate decision-making.


Our equality, diversity and inclusion action plan

The Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) action plan 2019 – 2020 sets out specific, practical steps that the HCPC will take to meet the objectives identified in our EDI policy.

The action plan is not an exhaustive list or record of all the EDI activities and projects that we will undertake in a given year.

The actions therefore reflect only the areas in which there is outstanding work. Business as usual functions are not covered in the action plan.

In addition, each department is encouraged to wholly embed our EDI objectives into their work throughout the year and will therefore undertake further EDI activities and projects alongside those set out in the action plan.

Page updated on: 29/10/2020