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Leaving the Register

I am taking a career break; do I need to remove my name from the Register?

You can take a break of up to two years and remain on the Register. In practice, this means that in order to renew your registration (which happens every two years) you need to have practised your profession at some point during the two year registration period.

We do not have a ‘non-practising’ part of the Register and there is no reduced fee for non-practising registrants.

If you do not plan to practise for more than two years, you may wish to ask us to remove your name from the Register and apply for readmission when you wish to practise again. This is a personal decision which you should make after first familiarising yourself with our readmission and returners to practice processes.

I am working overseas; do I need to remove my name from the Register?

Although there is no legal requirement to, you can choose to stay on the HCPC Register if you wish. As long as you continue to practise your profession outside of the United Kingdom (UK), you can renew or continue your registration as normal.

If you choose to remove your name from the Register, you can apply for readmission when you return to the UK. There are no returners to practise requirements as long as you continue to practice outside of the UK. If you plan to return to the UK and practise within two years, you may decide to maintain your registration, as there is a readmission / registration fee which is more than the two yearly cycle fee. This is a personal choice.

I have deregistered. Am I due a refund?

We agree with respondents who said that it was important that the HCPC was working to be as efficient as possible. Once the increase is implemented, we will continue to have the lowest fee of all the other health and care professional regulators overseen by the Professional Standards Authority. However, we are not complacent and we are still committed to ensuring that we are as efficient and effective as possible in order to keep fee levels as low as possible.

  • If you deregister before the start of the next professional year, we will refund any payment you have made (or we have collected by Direct Debit) for the upcoming professional year.
  • If you paid the full two-year fee at the point you last renewed your registration and you deregister during the first professional year, we will refund you half the fee. If you are paying by Direct Debit and we have collected the third instalment, we will refund you the third instalment.
  • If you deregister during the second professional year, no refund is due.

If you have not received your anticipated refund within 30 days of deregistering, please contact the Finance Department on

How do I remove my name from the Register?

You will need to write to us requesting that your name is removed from the Register.

You will also need to download and complete a declaration form and then return it by post to the Registration department.

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