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#myHCPCstandards webinar - standard 1

Promote and protect the interest of service users and carers

This is standard 1 of the standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

What the standard says:

  • Treat service users and carers with respect

    1.1 You must treat service users and carers as individuals, respecting their privacy and dignity.

    1.2 You must work in partnership with service users and carers, involving them, where appropriate, in decisions about the care, treatment or other services to be provided.

    1.3 You must encourage and help service users, where appropriate, to maintain their own health and well-being, and support them so they can make informed decisions.

    Make sure you have consent

    1.4 You must make sure that you have consent from service users or other appropriate authority before you provide care, treatment or other services.

    Challenge discrimination

    1.5 You must not discriminate against service users, carers or colleagues by allowing your personal views to affect your professional relationships or the care, treatment or other services that you provide.

    1.6 You must challenge colleagues if you think that they have discriminated against, or are discriminating against, service users, carers and colleagues.

    Maintain appropriate boundaries

    1.7 You must keep your relationships with service users and carers professional.

Page updated on: 30/11/2020