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What information is confidential?

Information about a service user can be ‘identifiable’ or ‘anonymised’

By identifiable information we mean any information you hold about a service user that could identify them. You must treat this information as confidential. Identifiable information can include:

  • personal details, such as names and addresses;
  • information about a service user’s health, treatment or care that could identify them;
  • photos, videos or other images; and
  • other information that a service user, family member or carer shares with you that is not strictly related to the care, treatment or other services you provide.

Anonymised information is information about a service user that has had all identifiable information removed from it and where there is little or no risk of a service user being identified from the information available. You may be able to share anonymised information more openly in some circumstances. However, you should always consider carefully what you are sharing and who you are sharing it with.

Page updated on: 24/03/2021