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Dishonesty – fraud

Case study: An employer raised concerns about an operating department practitioner’s (ODP) conviction of fraud. For this conviction, she was sentenced to 18-months imprisonment and suspended for 24 months.

FAQs and resources

Further information and guidance to help you determine what is and is not in your scope of practice

Sale, supply and administration

Local arrangements can be made to allow health and care professionals who are not prescribers to supply or administer medicines


Mae datblygiad proffesiynol parhaus (DPP) yn ystod o weithgareddau dysgu y mae cofrestreion yn cynnal ac yn datblygu trwyddynt drwy gydol eu gyrfa er mwyn sicrhau eu bod yn parhau i allu ymarfer yn ddiogel, yn effeithiol, ac yn gyfreithiol, o fewn cwmpas eu harfer sy’n newid. Rhaid i gofrestreion ymgymryd â Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus er mwyn aros yn gofrestredig gyda ni.

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Using Multiple Registrant Search (MRS)

How to support your employees: CPD and supervision

As an employer, you will want to support your employee in undertake continuing professional development (CPD)

Being selected for audit

When CPD audits happen and what you'll need to do if selected

COVID-19 and your scope of practice

The factors to consider in applying our standards during the COVID-19 pandemic

Medical entitlements and COVID-19

The factors to consider in applying our standards during the COVID-19 pandemic

Toolbox or tickbox: how should you use our standards?

What’s the best way to use our standards of conduct, performance and ethics in practice?

Health for Health Professionals Wales

Find out how this service has been a lifeline for NHS Wales staff and students struggling throughout the pandemic.

Other organisations

There are a number of other regulatory organisations in the UK which regulate health and care professionals

Policy statement on HCPC’s approach to developing memorandums of understanding

This policy statement sets out our broad approach to developing memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with other organisations.