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The standards of proficiency for biomedical scientists

The standards of proficiency that biomedical scientists must meet in order to join, and remain on, the HCPC Register. 

People and departments

Employees work across a variety of departments to support our operations

How to use the MRS

Step-by-step instructions for using the Multiple Registrant Search (MRS)

Media contacts

How to get in touch with our press office

Standards of conduct, performance and ethics

The ethical framework within which our registrants must work

Standards of proficiency

The professional standards all registrants must meet in order to become registered, and remain on the Register

Standards of continuing professional development

Our expectations around demonstrating continuing learning and development

Standards relevant to education and training

The standards against which we assess education and training programmes

Your registration

Information about your registration including your responsibilities and how to manage your personal details

Leaving the Register

Advice and guidance about coming off the Register


We would like to hear your opinion on your experience of working with us


Documents and standards that allow us to evaluate and reflect

Getting on the Register

Information on how to apply and other key aspects of getting on the Register