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Health declaration investigations process

If you tell us about a health condition when you renew your registration and it is clear that your ability to practise safely or effectively is not affected (such as being off work with the flu, or breaking your leg), our Registration team will let you know.

However, in most cases we will refer information that you declare about a change in your health to our Fitness to Practise department. If you make a self-referral, this will be received directly by our Fitness to Practise department.

Our Fitness to Practise team are best placed to consider whether you are able to practise safely and effectively. The information that you declare will be handled sensitively, confidentially and in line with our published approach to investigating health matters. Read more about how we investigate health concerns.

When considering health information, the Registration or Fitness to Practise team will look at the circumstances and examine each case individually. They will be looking to see if your health condition means you are able to practise safely and effectively and therefore should be allowed to register or to renew your registration. As a result, we do not have a list of health conditions which would prevent you from practising as a registered professional.

The registration or investigation panel look at various issues when making a decision about whether your health would affect your ability to practise safely and effectively.

The panel may look at:

  • how you currently manage your condition;
  • whether you have shown insight and understanding into your condition;
  • whether you have medical or other support;
  • whether you have made reasonable adjustments to your placement conditions or employment conditions; or
  • whether you have agreed reasonable adjustments with your placement providers or employers.

In every case referred for a hearing, whether you are a registrant or an applicant, we will ask whether you will give your doctor consent to provide information to the HCPC directly so that the we can make an informed decision.

Where a decision is made to refuse registration, you will have the right to appeal.

Page updated on: 30/07/2021