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Swiss Mutual Recognition (SMR) applications

For applicants who trained outside the UK, this entitles them to periods of adaptation if their application is unsuccessful.

Applicants who trained outside the UK and are eligible for SMR must apply through this route, rather than an 'international' application, as they are subject to a different law.

Who can apply via SMR

To be eligible to apply for registration based on mutual recognition under the Swiss Citizens Rights Agreement you must be:

  • A Swiss national.
  • A non-EEA member state national who is the spouse or dependant of a Swiss national.
  • A UK national settled in Switzerland.
  • A non-EEA member state national who is the spouse or dependant of UK nationals settled in Switzerland.


  • Your qualification was obtained in the EEA or Switzerland by 31 December 2020
  • You hold a third country qualification that is recognised in Switzerland by 31 December 2020
  • You have completed an application to have your qualification recognised in Switzerland by 31 December 2020

How to apply via SMR

Unlike a regular international application, which can be done online, applying via SMR requires a paper application form. You'll need to send this, along with your documentation, via recorded post to our offices.

The forms to make an SMR (Swiss Mutual Recognition) application are below. These differ should only be used by those who qualify for SMR.

When we receive a full application and it is accepted for processing, we'll email you with a link to pay your scrutiny fee.

After that your SMR application will follow the format of the standard international applications assessment process.


Why we need the information in these forms

The information provided by applicants helps us to know that:

  • they are who they say they are;
  • they meet our standards; and
  • we can contact them if we need to.


Before you begin

Before you download these forms, please make sure you've read the guidance for making an application, as well as the standards of proficiency, standards of conduct, performance and ethics and our standards for continuing professional development.

International applications guidance

Standards of conduct, performance and ethics

Standards of proficiency

Standards for CPD


What happens next?

When we have successfully received these forms we will begin processing your application; the time this takes varies depending on the number of applications we receive. You'll be contacted via email if we require any further information, and you'll be notified by post regarding the outcome of your application.

Page updated on: 09/11/2023