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Help using the multiple registrant search

Up to 100 registration records can be searched for at any one time. The example below shows how to use the search facility. You should enter the records in columns/lists, but you must include the profession code. There should be no space between the code and the registration number, for example AS9999.


Search results

The multiple registrant search facility will provide the registration details of health professionals who are currently registered. If the results page lists a record as “not found” this could mean the registration number is incorrect and you should try again.

If you continue to get a “not found” record this means the registration number has not been recognised and could mean the registrant is no longer registered.

Professional codes

AS - Arts therapists
BS - Biomedical scientists
CH - Chiropodists/podiatrists
CS - Clinical scientists
DT - Dietitians
HAD - Hearing aid dispensers
ODP - Operating department practitioners
OR - Orthoptists
OT - Occupational therapists
PA - Paramedics
PH - Physiotherapists
PYL - Practitioner psychologists
PO - Prosthetists & orthotists
RA - Radiographers
SL - Speech & language therapists

You can also check with our Registrations Department using our lo call number 44 (0)845 300 4472 or email

Page updated on: 10/07/2018