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Social media

If you’d like to engage with us on social media we have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

We also have the HCPC blog, where we regularly post about the work of HCPC and regulation.

For guidance on the use of social networking sites for our registrants, click here.

UK Facebook

Facebook is a really useful way of keeping informed about events, consultations, news, CPD and registration renewals via the HCPC's page.

UK LinkedIn

The Health and Care Professions Council has an information page that you can 'follow' or 'join' as a member.

UK Twitter

Twitter is a great way to get bite-size news updates from the HCPC while on the go, and also join in discussions on current topics within your profession.


We regularly post on a range of subjects including the work of HCPC and regulation.

UK YouTube

The HCPC YouTube channel features all our latest video content, including guides, presentations and service announcements.

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