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We will notify you, your chief executive or director of human resources if we commence a fitness to practise investigation about your employee

We will also keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and the decisions we make.

We are likely to need information from you as we investigate the concern and make decisions about it.

Providing information to us

If you are raising the concern, please provide as much information as possible at the point of referral. Our guidance outlines the minimum information we require.

We will make our request for information in writing and we usually require you to provide the information to us within 14 days of our request. This is because we have a duty to ensure that our investigations are progressed quickly.

This timeframe may be shorter if the concern raises a serious risk to service users, members of the public or the registrant.

We will often request personal and sensitive information about your member of staff and those who have been involved in the events leading to the concerns. This may include service user records. Exemptions exist in law and under the data protection legislation, which allows you to provide information to us to assist our investigation.

We also have specific powers to require organisations to provide us with information to assist our fitness to practise investigations. We will let you know if we intend to use these powers.

Please try to provide the information request within the timescale provided. Delays may affect the case's progression. This causes unnecessary stress for those involved and also affects our ability to protect the public.

Our case managers are happy to help if you have queries about our request for information, so please do contact us.

Page updated on: 09/10/2019