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How our standards relate to student's health and character declarations

The Standards of education and training

We set Standards of education and training (SETs), against which programmes are approved and monitored. Our SETs must be read in the round but SET 2 – relating to programme admission – and SET 3 – relating to the management of a programme – are particularly relevant.

SET 2.4 The admissions process must assess the suitability of applicants, including criminal conviction checks

SET 2.5 The admissions process must ensure that applicants are aware of and comply with health requirements

SET 2.7 The education provider must ensure that there are equality and diversity policies in relation to applicants and that they are implemented and monitored

SET 3.16 There mist be thorough and effective processes in place for ensuring the ongoing suitability of learners' conduct, character and health. We believe that this will help you to identify students who may not be fit to practise and help them to manage any concerns about their conduct in relation to their profession

The Standards of proficiency

The Standards of proficiency (SOPs) are the competencies that must be met to gain entry to the register. Our SETs are designed to ensure that Higher Education Institutions train students who are then able to meet the SOPs of their profession when they graduate.

SOP 1 Be able to practise safely and effectively within their scope of practice

SOP 2.2 Understand what is required of them by the HCPC

SOP 3 Be able to maintain fitness to practise

SOP 3.1 Understand the need to maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct

SOP 3.2 Understand the importance of maintaining their own health

SOP 6 Be able to practise in a non-discriminatory manner

The Standards of conduct, performance and ethics

The HCPC’s Standards of conduct, performance and ethics (SCPEs) set out how we expect our registrants to behave and they outline what the public should expect from their health and care professional. While students follow their own SCPEs while on a programme, our SCPEs for registrants are important as they are used to help us make decisions about the character of professionals who apply to our Register.

SCPE 6.3 You must make changes to how you practise, or stop practising, if your physical or mental health may affect your performance or judgement, or put others at risk for any other reason

SCPE 9.1 you must make sure that your conduct justifies the public's trust and confidence in you and your profession

SCPE 9.5 You must tell us as soon as possible if:
- you accept a caution from the police or you have been charged with, or found guilty of, a criminal offence;
- another organisation responsible for regulating a health or social care profession has taken action or made a finding against you; or
- you have had any restriction placed on your practice, or been suspended or dismissed by an employer, because of concerns about your conduct or competence.


Page updated on: 30/07/2021